Student Reviews


“I DIDN’T EVEN realize I was smiling when this picture was taken I was just truly this happy to be in Florence, Italy.

Thank you for an amazing program abroad.”

Frances Hamrock, The  Summer 2016 Florence Program


“MY STUDY ABROAD experience exceeded all expectations that I had already set so highly. There were so many ‘ah-hah’ it’s hard to decide a favorite.  Vie dei Neri provided myself and my five roommates with the best apartment in the city (though we may be slightly bias).  The three-bedroom apartment became more like our home for the month that we spent while living on the street that holds the #1 place to get gelato in Florence, according to Yelp.  Via dei Neri also has the tastiest and traditional places to get the best platters of assorted meats, cheeses, and fresh bread.  My school schedule allowed me to study during the week, and to travel with my roommates during the weekends.  We adventured to Rome, Cinque Terre, Venice, and Amalfi Coast (Positano, Capri, and Sorrento), Pisa,  San Gimignano, and Siena…I saw places people only dream of seeing.”

Elizabeth Wibur, The 2016 Summer Florence Program

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 “THE FLORENCE PROGRAM was a four-week international media workshop, which allowed me to immerse myself in European culture. The one-week media workshop was innovative and fascinating because I was taught how to use both Final Cut Pro and slideshow in order to complete my assignments. My colleagues and I created international media packages for the World Press television program. I feel as a communicator it is essential to be well rounded and have a complete understanding of all forms of communication. I definitely enjoyed the Florence program in Italy, it changed my life. Thank you Dr. Fellow for introducing me to another culture, it was a memorable and incredible experience which has influenced me to continue my travels today.”

Samantha Traches, senior Communications major, who attended the 2014 Summer Florence Program


“NEVER A DULL  moment.  Whether it is class or food or travel and exploring or even trivia night at the campus., I have had something to do, and I loved every moment. I’ve changed since coming here, and I’m so excited to come back here with my family.

Lauren Hedwall, senior Communications major, who attended the 2015 Fall Florence Program


“I THINK you can learn only so much in a classroom.  Traveling and experiencing different cultures and new places  provides  an entirely  different learning experience .  This has been the greatest semester of my college career.  I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. “

Lauren Vazquez, senior communications major, who attended the 2015 Fall Semester Florence Program

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“FLORENCE STUDY ABROAD has been an unforgettable learning experience full of discovery, history, connection and the ability to walk the same streets that Leonard DaVinci walked.  I would recommend this program over and over to anyone who asked.”

Taylor Cocoles, senior Communications major, who attended the 2015 Fall Semester Florence Program


“WOW….that’s the first thing that comes to my mind.  I learned a lot from the classes, and they have been very beneficial in that they relate directly with the new environments we are living in.   I would encourage anyone  who can to study abroad. The Florence Program is an amazing  option for anyone  studying COMM/CTVA and CSUF worked  hard to make this program affordable.”

Franco Watts, senior Cinema and Television Arts major, who attended the 2015 Fall Semester Florence Program


“I BELIEVE that Florence is a great place to study abroad because it is a beautiful city with great food, people and culture.  The schedule is set up perfectly so there is ample time to travel the rest of Italy and parts of Europe.  Definitely enhanced my communication skills and helped me make good friends.  Highly recommend!”

Mehek Raghoowansh, senior Cinema and Television Arts major, who attended the 2015 Fall Semester Florence Program


“GOING TO ITALY gave new meaning to the phrase, ‘having the world at your fingertips.’ There were so many places to explore both in Italy and the rest of Europe.  Each place that I had the opportunity to visit opened my eyes to something new–and led to my new found love of travel.  I cannot wait for my next opportunity to go out and explore.”

Cassdy Jo Fortin, sophomore Cinema and Television Arts major, who attended the 2015 Fall Semester Florence Program


“STUDYING ABROAD is the best decision/experience of my collegiate career.  The classes are more ‘hands on’ and allow for deeper discussions in the classrooms.  The living accommodations are comfortable too.  If I could restart the semester over again, I would immediately.”
Hector Ruvalcaba, a senior Communications major who attended the 2015 Fall Semester Florence Program

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“STUDYING abroad in Italy was the cultural experience of a lifetime. The Florence Program allowed me to learn so much about Italy and life itself. It was such an exciting adventure! I highly recommend becoming a part of this program and exploring everything that Florence and the rest of Italy has to offer!”

Kylie Knudsen, senior Communications student who attended the 2014 Florence Summer Program

Alison Rosenfeld

“STUDYING  abroad in Italy was one of the greatest experiences of my college career. With the organization of this program, we had enough time to go to class and to explore the country. I traveled to eight cities in three weeks, met people from all over the world, formed wonderful friendships, gained a new perspective on life, and learned a tremendous amount about the world and myself.”

Alison Rosenfeld, senior Communications major who attended the Summer Florence Program


Caitie Collins

“ITALY is a place that has captured my heart in so many ways. I love its culture, its food, its scenery, and its people. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience studying abroad. It was just long enough for me to get a little homesick in the last few days, and I loved getting to know people in my group I had never met before. It is a great place to learn about culture and take six units toward your major.”
Caitie Collins, senior journalism major who attended the Summer Florence Program

Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience. Your program influenced me to try and achieve things i never thought possible. Thank you again Dr Fellow.

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful journey. Your program influenced me to try and achieve things I never thought possible. Thank you for the life changing experience, Dr. Fellow.”

Eric Lugo, Senior Advertising major,  who attended 2009 Summer Florence Program and the returned to complete an M.A. at the Florence Design Academy

 Matt Ballinger

 “TAKING classes in Florence provided a fantastic mix of academic and cultural learning. Academically, you learn from Cal State Fullerton’s terrific faculty. And the cultural learning is unrivaled because of Florence’s unique place in Western culture and Italy’s place among European cultures. ”

Matt Balllinger, senior journalism major who attended the Summer Florence Program


“Going to Florence had to be both the hardest and easiest decision of my life. Hardest because I’m going to a place that I’ve never been that’s thousands of miles from home. Easiest because I get to travel to one of the world’s most beautiful places. The trip this summer was hands down the best month of my life, not only did I travel to some of the most amazing places in the world, I did it with some people who at first were complete strangers, and now I consider them, well I could say friends but we are more than that, we are a family. There is nothing from this summer that I would change.”

Brandon Romero, senior public relations major, who attended the 2012 Florence Program.

“DECIDING to go to Florence with the Communications Department and Dr. Fellow was truly the most rewarding experience of my life. I learned so much about myself and other cultures while studying in Florence for the summer. If you have the chance to go I would definitely do it.”

Nicole Menconi, senior entertainment studies major who attended the Summer Florence Program


“DR. FELLOW, thank you so much for such an amazing month in Italy. It was the best month of my life. I am so grateful that I got to be part of your program. Thank you so much. With gratitude.”

Gabrielle Humes, senior journalism major who attended the Summer Florence Program